About the Program

What is the Manifesto Project’s Board Apprenticeship Program?

The Manifesto Project believes Arizona’s strength is built through a culture of mentorship, connectivity, and developing and retaining local talent. Our mission: empowering the next generation of civic, business, and nonprofit leaders by connecting Arizona’s top talent with real-world experience on the Boards of our state’s most impactful organizations.

During the one-year apprenticeship, top AZ organizations reserve a “shadow” position on their Board of Directors for a high-potential young professional. Once selected,  apprentices receive board and professional development training through the Manifesto Project’s community partners, are assigned a Manifesto Board mentor as well as a mentor within the host organization, and serve a 1-year, non-voting term where they will gain invaluable high-level, strategic experience in their chosen sector.


What are the requirements and/or qualifications for apprentices?

The Manifesto Project is seeking young leaders that are:

  • Between the ages of 18-35
  • Living and working in Arizona
  • Highly motivated
  • Civic-minded
  • Interested in opportunities for professional and community mentorship
  • Able to commit to one year of apprenticeship (including related trainings and social events)

What does the apprenticeship commitment entail?

Apprentices are expected to commit to the following:

  • Attend a half-day board member orientation training provided by The Phoenix Philanthropy Group
  • Regularly attend and participate in their host organization’s Board/Committee meetings (typically between 4 and 12 meetings/year)
  • Learn about the history and mission of their host organization
  • Uphold their host organization’s values and ethics, abide by its policies, assist in the stewardship of its resources, and possibly represent it publicly when asked
  • Attend Manifesto Project events with fellow program participants when possible
  • Provide feedback about the program and their experiences at the conclusion of their term

What is the apprenticeship term?

Apprenticeship programs begin in the late summer/early fall of each year and end 12 months later.


Do apprentices have to be from the state of Arizona?

No, there is no requirement for apprentices to have lived in the state for a particular length of time. They must be currently living and working in Arizona.

How do I apply to become an apprentice?

If you are interested in becoming an apprentice, please email information@themanifestoproject.com, and you will receive additional information regarding the program’s timeline and application process.